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Rohstoffverarbeitung Mahlwerk Letschert

Raw materials

  • Grinding of ceramic and fireproofed raw materials

Clinker, tiles, vitreous sanitary potsherds, tableware porcelain, potsherds and fireproofed raw materials

  • Grinding of float glasf

Single variety, clear Flat glass

  • Grinding your own raw materials

We grind the raw materials you ask in the desired grinding fineness

Wir vermahlen das von Ihnen gestellte Rohmaterial in der gewünschten Mahlfeinheit

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Mahlwerk Letschert KG


  • Three different grinding plants
  • Granulations of 0,2mm – 5,0mm (or 20mm)
  • Wage grinding of own raw materials

To some extend our grinding plants are based on in-house developments. Hence, we can ensure a consistent quality of the grain. Three diverse types of magnet technology assure a reliable withdrawal of iron.

We will gladly grind your own raw materials and develop an individual solution together with you. Our strengths include individual grindings and the processing of small batches.

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Qualitätssicherung Mahlwerk Letschert

Quality Assurance

To guarantee the excellent quality of our products we analyse the distribution of the grain sizes and measure the iron values of every grinding charge.

The monitoring of the grain size is carried out with a EML machine. The substance of magnetic elements is analysed with a laboratory vibration chute and an integrated magnetic separator.

Environmental protection is an important topic for us. In addition to our technical precautions to control dust formation and oil separation in production and logistics our final product contributes to our environment.

Our grinded chamottes consist to 85 % of recycled materials.

Transport Mahlwerk Letschert

Storage & Logistics

  • More than 3.000 tonnes of covered stock boxes for raw materials
  • Additional 3.000+ tonnes outdoor storage area
  • 18 silos for loose processed materials – total capacity of over 850 tonnes
  • More than 1.200 square meters storage for finished goods
  • In-house truck scale for up to 50 tonnes

Transport of palletised and loose goods with our own truck fleet.


Our Story

Ernst Letschert KG was founded in 1936. In the early years, the company focus lied on providing transport and logistics however, soon developed to be a major player in the raw material industry. Today, the products of Letschert grinding plants play a significant role in the ceramic industry in Germany.

In the late 50s, Ernst Letschert started to grind flat glass for the ceramic industry in the production plant Ransbach-Baumbach. With the economic development of the ceramic industry the demand for grinded chamottes increased. To satisfy the demand for grinded chamotte stones he installed a ball mill: one of the first steps in the development of the raw materials company.

The construction of the grinding plant located in the industrial area of Ransbach called “Im Rohr” was a milestone in the company’s history in 1976. Manfred Zinndorf was leading this significant step for the firm. In the years from 1971 to 2005 he was director of the family business.

From 1992 on he was actively supported by Junior Director Christian Zinndorf who became authorised officer in 1996. After the loss of Manfred Zinndorf he then became Director of Ernst Letschert KG. Today, the grinding plant “Im Rohr” is the firms centre for production. Step by step, the areal of 15.500 square meters was extended to a highly flexible preparation plant including three separate grinding lines.

Years of experience
Square meters of working area


We grind your raw materials in all desired grain sizes. Small volumes are available on request.

We offer you a wide colour range of grinded chamottes and a large variety of different grain sizes.

Our grinding plants are located nearby the motorway A3, in the middle of Cologne and Frankfurt. We are reliable and meet the agreed delivery dates.

We conduct permanent quality tests during the grinding process as well as analyses as soon as the production process has finished.

We would like to impress you with our long-standing experience.

When it comes to grinding we know exactly what matters. Benefit of our extensive experience and knowledge. We are confident you will be delighted by our quality product and service.

Request a free grinding trial or send us a message. We are happy to support you with your individual projects.

Our Team

Christian Zinndorf Geschäftsführer Letschert Mahlwerke

Christian Zinndorf


Dinara Kassimova Mahlwerk Letschert KG

Dinara Kassimova

Assistance to the Director


We are happy to get in contact with you and gladly help you in case of any questions.

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